Part Description:

This piece is a 1 x 2 brick. It is a rectangular cube that is gray, plastic, and studded. It is a smaller piece (maybe an inch long) that looks just like a conventional lego with 2 raised studs on its top.


This piece can be attached to pieces similar to itself such as: 1 x 6 Module studded brick 1 x 4 Module studded brick 2 x 2 Brick 1 x 2 Plate 1x 4 Plate

Possible Uses:

This piece is a basic piece that is very useful. It is small and attaches to other studded pieces and has a structural function. When connected to other pieces it can help with a project’s foundation and stability, and because it is a small piece it can be used when a small or simpler part of the robot needs something.


external image 3004.png