Part Description:

This piece is a 1 x 6 module studded beam. It looks like a conventional lego and is a studded skinny rectangular cube around 2 inches long and made out of gray plastic. Its base has 5 circular holes in a horizontal row, and there are 6 studs on the top of the piece.


This piece can be attached to pieces like connector pegs, and also like pieces that look similar to it such as:
Connector peg with friction
3-Module connector peg with friction
Connector peg with bushing
2-Module double connector peg
1 x 4 Module studded beam

Possible Uses:

This piece has the shape of a more conventional lego, and when connected to connecter pegs it can help with a project’s structure. When connected to other more conventional lego pieces this piece is very practical and can help in many ways for building. It can add support and strength and can be used to add extra sections (like the contraptions that we built fit onto the front of our robot cars to push an object).


external image 3894.jpg?0