Part Description:

This part is gray plastic. It has 4 connector pegs (w/o friction axles), 2 on each side of the main body. There is one peg-module in the middle of the main body, in between the connector pegs, going in same direction as the connector pegs. On the top of the main body, in between the connector pegs, are 2 peg-modules ( one of each side) facing upward (not in same direction as connector pegs)


This part can connect to:
- Technic Module beams
- Studded Module Beams
- Angled Module Beams
- Connector Pegs (w/ or w/o friction axle)
- Cross Blocks
- NXT bricks, motors, sensors

Possible Uses:

This part is very complex. The connector pegs on each side can connect to one or two technic/studded/angled beams (on each side), and also hold a connector peg on top, vertically, to hold a part above it. It can be used in simple setups or particular, complicated setups.


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