Part Description:

This piece is a 3 x 7 module angle beam. It is a plastic gray studless angle beam with two bends, holes to fit connector pegs, and a hole at each end to fit axles. It has 2 holes on the first straight leg for circular connection pegs, and then after the second bend there are six holes for connector pegs.


This can be connected with many things, among them:
Connector peg with friction axel
Connector peg with axel
Connector peg with friction
3-Module connector peg with friction
Connector peg with bushing
2-Module double connector peg
Handle connector peg

Possible Uses:

This is a very functional piece that can act as a foundation for many projects. Because its main function is to connect to connector pegs (with and without axles), it is very useful in a robot's structure. The double bend can be useful when there are connector pegs on different levels (like when some pegs are higher than another) because this piece can connect it all together. It is also useful because it can connect circular connector pegs with connector pegs with axels and hold a project together


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