Part Description:

This piece is a 4 x 6 Module Angle Beam. It has one bend and its shorter top leg sticks out at an obtuse angle from the longer bottom leg. In our kit this piece is gray, and it is made out of plastic and is studless. Its shorter leg has 4 holes; the last hole is a plus-sign hole (for a connector peg with an axel) and the other 3 are circular. The longer leg has 6 holes; the last hole is a plus-sign hole and the other 5 are circular. (Both legs share a circular hole at the bend).


This piece will most often be attached to pieces like connector pegs:
Connector peg with friction axel
Connector peg with axel
Connector peg with friction
3-Module connector peg with friction
Connector peg with bushing
2-Module double connector peg
Handle connector peg

Possible Uses:

This piece's uses are much like the 3 x 7 Module Angle Beam. It connects to connector pegs to help the robot's structure and stability, and because there is a bend in this piece, it can connect multiple connector pegs that are not on the same line or level. This piece is epecially useful because it has 2 different types of holes, and can therefore connect connector pegs with and without axels.


external image 6629.png