Robotics I Final Project Requirements

Due Thursday, 1/13 - last day of Semester 1 classes

  1. Get your bot working with remote control (joystick)
  2. Design/build/modify your bot for botball tournament after break (use Constructopedia, YouTube, Google to find better designs)
  3. Model your botball bot in LEGO Digital Designer
  4. Create a wiki page devoted to your bot (Mr. A. will create template to follow)
  5. Help the class develop the field layout, rules of Botball
  6. Develop an "autonomous mode" that runs for the first 30 seconds of each Botball match

Botball Rules

Project Pages

Link to your Final Project (Botball) presentation. See page template below.
Final Project Wiki Template

Emma R. and Shayreen Final Project
Leah and Emma Final Robot
Elle Chrupcala and Catherine Brescia
Kirsti and Hayley